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Welcome to the Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth Blog where we discuss topics of interest pertaining to the hard surface restoration industry.

Published January 23, 2018

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Caulking Service in Dallas, TX Soap Scum No More! A Stone Cleaning Service in Dallas, TX, Restored This Travertine Shower

When homeowners design their homes, one of the most common questions is what tiles should they use for their shower? They usually choose a kind of natural stone due to its luxury and durability, and one of the most popular is travertine. This is a calcareous sedimentary rock and is famous for its particular appearance and color range which vary ...


Published December 20, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Sandless Wood Refinishing in Dallas From Dull to Shiny: A Sandless Wood Refinishing in Dallas Gave This Old Wooden Floor a New Appearance

Hardwood is one of the most common flooring choices in American homes. Owners love the look and feel of hardwood in all its varieties and appreciate the advantages it has: it is beautiful, elegant, durable, and easy to maintain.


Published November 23, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom's Moldy Tile in Dallas, Texas Incredible Results for This Bathroom after a Caulking Job in Dallas, TX

This married couple had been desperately looking for a house. They used to live in another state, but the husband had found a job in Dallas, TX. Consequently, they needed to move. They had looked at a lot of houses, but they were struggling to find one they both really liked at first. This all changed one weekend, when they had the appointment t...


Published November 08, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Shower in Dallas, TX with Dirty Tile and Grout What a Makeover! See How Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Rescued This Shower in Dallas

There are few things as unnerving as noticing dark grout lines beneath your little son or daughter as they are taking a long bath. The fear of exposing them to bacteria or germs that can make them sick is what makes most parents be extremely careful when it's time to clean all their bathroom's surfaces.


Published October 20, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Dallas, TX You Won't Believe How a Grout Cleaning in Dallas, TX Transformed Every Corner of This Shower

Cream-colored tiles in bathrooms are very common, regardless of their inconveniences. While it's true that this light shade helps create a calm and relaxing environment, it also requires regular cleaning and extra care.


Published September 29, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Rockwall, Texas This Shower in Rockwall, TX Said Goodbye to Soap Scum Thanks to Our Tile and Grout Cleaners

Buying a new house is a very important step, especially for newlyweds. This was the case for a couple in Rockwall, TX. They were about to buy a house but there was just one thing they didn't like about it—the main shower. It was full of soap scum and its tiles and grout were filthy.


Published September 16, 2017

Before and After Picture of Tile Cleaning Service in Dallas, TX No More Grime! See How Our Tile Cleaning Service Worked Wonders On this Ceramic Tile Floor in Dallas, TX

Though many people seem to be obsessed with chic natural stone floors, some seem to forget the advantages of having ceramic tile floors. Ceramic, even though it appears to be less lavish, can actually be sculpted to look like various types of stone finishes, achieving the look without spending a lot of money.


Published August 29, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Stone Cleaning Service in Dallas No More Etch Marks for this Veined Marble Vanity Top Thanks to a Stone Cleaning in Dallas

There is no denial that marble counters embellish any room. They are beautiful stones that, however, need ongoing care to stay in that condition. Marble is highly sensitive to external elements and can suffer from stains and etching in the blink of an eye, especially in bathrooms where personal care products and strong cleaners are used on a reg...


Published August 10, 2017

Before and After Picture of Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Dallas Why Retile When You Can Restore? Our Excellent Dallas Tile and Grout Cleaners Made This Homeowner's Life Easier with a Shower Restoration

A well-kept home is every owner's pride. As years go by, people strive to keep their home in the best condition possible, but sometimes the desired results are out of reach. These owners had given up after many attempts at ridding their shower of dingy tiles, grout, and caulk.


Published July 17, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Hard Surface Restoration Service in Dallas Our Team of Experts in Dallas Went Above and Beyond to Rescue this Shower from Serious Water Damage

Even though our expert team is known for our hard surface restoration services in Dallas, we surpassed this client's expectations with a service we do not normally perform: tile replacement for his white ceramic shower.



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