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From Dull to Shiny: A No Sanding Wood Armor Refinishing in Dallas Gave This Old Wooden Floor a New Appearance

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December 20, 2017

Hardwood is one of the most common flooring choices in American homes. Owners love the look and feel of hardwood in all its varieties and appreciate the advantages it has: it is beautiful, elegant, durable, and easy to maintain. Additionally, it adds value to your property. Any future owners of your home will think that the original hardwood floor still looks amazing if it has been properly taken care of. This client knew all of this, and that is why she had kept an impeccable maintenance routine. Her beautiful home from the 1930s still had its charm and so did her hardwood flooring, which had been refinished only once over the course of many years. One day, she decided to get her floor refinished for the second time, but she did not know where to start. She went online, typed "Residential No Sanding Refinishing experts" into her favorite search engine, and came across our website. She immediately filled out our form for an in-home consultation and waited for a reply from our team, who promptly got back to her and arranged a day and time for the assessment.

Before and After Picture of a No Sanding Wood Armor Refinishing in Dallas
On the day of the appointment, the Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth team visited our client to assess her floor. Our team carefully examined the characteristics of the wooden floor to determine if no sanding wood armor refinishing was the most advisable option to revamp its look. They evaluated the floor's age, traffic, maintenance, surface integrity, base integrity, and other indicators. This floor was in great condition considering its age and the amount of time since it was last refinished. The surface of the planks was in great condition, had minimal scratches, and was free of dents, gouges, and gaps. There were no bare spots, water damage, stains, or sun shading. The base was sturdy, and it didn't need any refilling. The floor had never been waxed. Additionally, it had been very well maintained. We asked the homeowner if she was interested in changing the color of her floor, and she said that she wanted to keep its original shade and add shine and depth to the color, which had faded a bit.

In general, our technicians found that this floor was a perfect candidate for our no sanding wood armor refinishing service, which is an affordable, easy, and fast option to revamp the look of hardwood floors. We told the client all the reasons why no sanding wood armor refinishing was the most appropriate option for her floor. We also told her about the procedure that we usually follow, and she gave us the green light to start as soon as possible.

The Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth team started the process by machine-cleaning the floor to lightly wear down the surface finish and completely remove all the dirt and dust. This prepares the surface for the next step, which involves the use of Wood Armor. This is a protective layer that seals the surface of hardwood floors, protecting it from scratches, keeping dust at bay, and providing a matte or glossy finish according to what the client wants. This homeowner chose the glossy finish, which made the floor look as if it were completely new. The technicians applied three layers of this coating for maximum protection. One of the most best advantages of Wood Armor is that it leaves the floor ready for use in only one to two hours—unlike other wood restoration services, such as dustless refinishing and other more complicated procedures.

Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth's no sanding wood armor refinishing was definitely the most convenient choice for this homeowner, who was delighted with the results of the service. The floor looked smooth, even, and very glossy. The small scratches had vanished completely and the color was brighter. On top of that, the coatings of Wood Armor will work wonders to keep dust from getting into the floor's crevices. This beautiful hardwood floor was ready to withstand many more years of traffic.

As with any other type of surface, we offered the homeowner some maintenance tips on how to maintain her floor. We noticed from the start that this client had taken good care of her floor, so we only had to remind her to avoid frequently cleaning it with water. We also told her that she could prevent deep scratches by placing rugs in areas with heavy foot traffic or where heavy furniture is used. We also recommended using a pH-neutral cleaner and to vacuum the floor frequently. Hardwood is quite easy to maintain, and a no sanding wood armor refinishing service makes cleaning even easier and protects the floor very well.

If you are looking for experts in no sanding wood armor refinishing, look no further than Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth. We have nearly a decade of experience in hardwood restoration. Contact us by calling (972) 457-3116 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this website. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on our services!

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