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Why Retile When You Can Restore? Our Excellent Dallas Tile and Grout Cleaners Made This Homeowner's Life Easier with a Shower Restoration

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August 10, 2017

A well-kept home is every owner's pride. As years go by, people strive to keep their home in the best condition possible, but sometimes the desired results are out of reach. These owners had given up after many attempts at ridding their shower of dingy tiles, grout, and caulk. They tried DIY methods and commercial cleaners, but nothing seemed to work. They were convinced that the tiles had to be replaced completely, but dreaded the long, pricey retiling process ahead of them. Why is retiling so difficult? You must remove the old grout and tile, install new tiles, re-grout, and seal. However, they figured that it was the best way to get a brand-new looking shower, and started looking for estimates. Luckily, a cousin of theirs who was visiting happened to see the estimate for full retiling on the fridge, and asked them why they needed to have this procedure done. Our clients explained their problem, but their cousin assured them that he knew of our Dallas Tile and Grout Cleaners at Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth. He highly recommended our services, saying they could request a free in-home consultation and quote. We were called and an appointment for an assessment was made.

Before and After Picture of Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Dallas
Our experts showed up on the scheduled day and they corroborated that the shower tiles were wearing away and the grout had signs of deep-seated mold. Also, a portion of the caulk was chipping, and soap scum and mildew had created an unsightly permanent stain around the shower drain. These issues had clearly been developing over a long time, and they ruined the appearance of the whole bathroom. When asked about their cleaning routine, our clients explained that they had tried using a DIY cleaner with baking soda. They said it did the trick for a little while, but the mold would always return not long after. They asked why this method seemed so effective at first but ended up failing, and we explained that even though baking soda does disinfect moldy areas, it is not very effective with serious outbreaks. Additionally, the bathroom was warm and moist, which is perfect for mold growth. The owners acknowledged that the shower was usually closed after each use, as was the bathroom door. This obviously keeps moisture trapped, and as we all know, this is one of the main reasons why mold develops in the first place, along with the presence of organic material that this fungus can feed on.

To remedy these problems, a deep tile and grout cleaning, plus color sealing was necessary. For the tile and grout cleaning, first we removed all loose debris from the shower floor and tile walls. After that, we used a low-moisture vapor steam cleaner. The heat it produces is very efficient in loosening the deep-seated mold and grime, and it also disinfects the area. Since only water is used, it is an eco-friendly and safe cleaning method, without the use of harsh chemicals. We also needed to seal the grout. This procedure blocks the surface from water seeping through, thus preventing the formation of mold. In addition, it won't allow spills to penetrate the grout and stain it permanently. The epoxy compounds of our ColorSeal make this possible, since it leaves a durable, plastic-like surface, as opposed to the porous surface of regular cementitious grout. It is a bit more difficult to apply than regular grout, but our technicians are highly experienced in these procedures. After color sealing, clients can expect the grout to be very easy to clean; they will be able to save time and effort in their daily maintenance routine. At the end of the procedure, we wiped the surface to remove any residue from the product, and the shower was ready for use within a few hours.

At first sight, the impeccable appearance of this shower would have anyone assume that it was brand new. Our clients were thrilled to see that only a cleaning procedure was enough for such a radical change, and very grateful that they didn't have to go through the trouble of complete retiling. The mold was gone and the grout lines were freshly cleaned—no more unsightly black stains! They told us that they were really interested in learning how to maintain the work we had done. We advised them to keep the bathroom well ventilated at all times, especially after showers, to avoid mold growth. In addition, we reminded them that it's important to squeegee the shower dry after each use, and to clean with a pH-neutral product or non-acidic cleaners at the appropriate concentration (high concentrations of product will create a buildup that eventually attracts grime). Our clients promised to strictly follow these tips to guarantee that they will have a brand-new looking shower for many years to come.

At Sir Grout Dallas Fort Worth we have a solution for your problems and we are totally committed to our clients' satisfaction. Do you think you'll have to retile? That may not be the case! We can restore the original beauty of your tile and seal your grout for years of protection. Get your free consultation by contacting us at (972) 457-3116 or filling out the form on this website. Do not forget to sign up to our newsletter!

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